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Support local retailers, not organized crime, in order to help strengthen local communities, ensure quality control, and guarantee responsible sales.

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4 Ways Cannabis Enhanced my Yoga Practice

1) I "dropped in" right away. Typically, before I start practice, I spend the first few moments letting prior events, interactions, and feelings from the day melt away. It takes some effort, usually a combination of mindful breathing and focused attention. But after smoking an indica strain, I dropped in far more quickly, and with ease. 2) My movements were beat driven, pulsing, and oceanic. I would never, ever use the word graceful to describe myself or my yoga practice. But after smoking, I felt—keyword felt —more synced with the music and my body. My movements crested and receded, and I added little pulsing movements to each hold. 3) I felt more connected to my insides. As in my muscles,...

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History Of "Reefer Madness"

This was an American propaganda film directed by Louis J. Gasnier. With a young, relatively unknown cast and a multitude of anti-cannabis slogans, Reefer Madness became quite the topic among the average US population.

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