Blends & Mixes

Some experienced cannabis users come to expect very specific results from their products, and sometimes may come to find that a certain strain (or product: edible/vape/oil/capsule/etc.) checks some but not ALL the boxes. This may be old news to some, but combining strains for the sake of enriching/modulating the flavor/effect of a product can be a great way to customize/tailor your weeds to best suits your needs. Just like in the culinary world - we find that there are certain magical aromatic partnerships and flavor-pairings. Mixing up different varieties of milled flower, we can start to see that some terpene profiles truly pay great compliment to one another, while others simply do not play nicely together in their chemistry.

Using a few rough examples

Some Sativas can be a bit "racey", in fact it's exactly why some people choose to use Sativas in the first place. Some people need that boost of energy, that little kick or jumpstart, but there are some people that may even experience symptoms of anxiousness or paranoia and those that do not expect this may find the experience a little uncomfortable or overwhelming. These folks may want to consider counter-balancing with a nice mellow relaxing Indica strain.
Or the opposite: while you enjoy the physically relaxing effects of a heavy Indica - you're tired of feeling tired and loathe the zombie-slug effect that might accompany some of these; switch gears with a nice high energy Sativa - break through the fog.
Let's not forget about Hybrids; every once in a while you come across that amazing 50/50 Hybrid strain that's got all the perfect balance of brain and body, but seems to lacks in the flavor area; or on the contrary, it's all flavor and no buzz - you know what to do - mix it with something you know you enjoy the strength/flavor of. And of course, the big bag you bought that was great when you first cracked the seal on it but now only offers up diminishing returns at best, blend it with something fresh and potent to crank the dial on the strength - you may like it better in a blend than on its own.
You may end up creating a monster: a disastrous blend, something that does the exact opposite of what you want it to do (i.e. laying on the couch unable to move with your heart racing and your head spinning) - check out our other blog post on "What to do if you get too high". Its important to not be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone. Break your own rules, it's recreational!
Some folks even like to discover the perfect cannabinoid salad by mixing/blending their THC and CBD flower together in varying ratios depending on desired effect. Just another way to get exactly the kind of buzz/relief/stone/high/experience you want.

Some Blend Recommendations 

Try a fruit salad: Mango Merengue by Greenade or Papaya by 7Acres, Sour Tangie by QWEST, mixed with a little bit of Simply Bare's Blue Dream, complimented with the sour aroma of Dream by DOJA. 

Try a baked-good blend, mix your cake with your cookies: Haven St. Retrograde or OMY's Kush Cookies with a little Ice Cream Cake (try the Nice Cream by Ness).
LOT 420's Gelato33 is a brand new, very vanilla-forward desert Hybrid strain that blends with just about anything in the fruity/sweet category.

From there, you can get inventive with what you name your blends.
Meat Breath (Gnomestar) + Wedding Cake (BLLRDR) = "Meat Cake"
Where's My Bike? (48North) + Karma (Dunn Cannabis) = "Oh, There's My Bike"

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