4 Ways Cannabis Enhanced my Yoga Practice

1) I "dropped in" right away.

Typically, before I start practice, I spend the first few moments letting prior events, interactions, and feelings from the day melt away. It takes some effort, usually a combination of mindful breathing and focused attention. But after smoking an indica strain, I dropped in far more quickly, and with ease.

2) My movements were beat driven, pulsing, and oceanic.

I would never, ever use the word graceful to describe myself or my yoga practice. But after smoking, I felt—keyword felt —more synced with the music and my body. My movements crested and receded, and I added little pulsing movements to each hold.

3) I felt more connected to my insides.

As in my muscles, and my guts. Of course, this happens in yoga with, or without, ganja, yet I felt more lifeforce—the breath and the beating heart—animating my practice. Nailing certain shapes was less important than focusing more on what was going on inside and moving from the heart without the layer of "mind."This was one of the most spiritual parts of the ganja yoga practice. The thinking mind was quieted, and I was able to rely on my body to move me, my lungs to breathe, without effort. Making space for the diaphragm and heart to expand gives me a sense of joy that, to me, feels like the ultimate surrender to what is. And right now, being OK with what is encapsulates my spiritual practice.

4) Every sensation was exaggerated.

This was especially true with twists and circular joint movements. Low-lunge twists felt more dynamic, and "stirring the pot" in cat/cow was extra juicy. Flipping my wrists in plank and downward-facing dog elicited more sensation than usual...so you can imagine how liberating it felt to do a supported fish with a block underneath the heart space at the end of practice.Smoking cannabis prior to yoga can be a pleasant way to unwind at the end of the day and invite creativity in your space.

These are just a few of the potential benefits associated with cannabis and your yoga practice.

Jimmy’s Cannabis has all of the cannabis products required to enhance your yoga practice. You can smoke a nice indica for a more immediate sensation, perhaps a 1:1 THC/CBD strain, or try CBD, THC, or a 1:1 THC/CBD tincture, capsule, or another edible option for something that will last a little longer.

See below for some great product recommendations that will enhance your Yoga practice based on our current stock selection:


- Doja DREAM (aka Ultra Sour)

- Diesel by Spinach

- Sour Chemdawg from Covert Valley

- Lilac Diesel from Redecan

- Cold Creek Kush from up20

- Pink Kush from Pure Sunfarms


- Dancehall 1:1 CBD/THC from Spinach

- Harlequin 1:1 CBD/THC from Tantalus -

Great White Shark 1:1 CBD/THC from Ace Valley

- Pink Kush from 7 Acres CRAFT COLLECTIVE

- Querkle from Greenade


- Wana Quick (fast onset, and they wear off faster too)

- White Rabbit (also fast onset)

- Wana Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, 1:1, 5:1, 20:1 CBD/THC 


- Nightfall (Pink Kush) and Daybreak (Kali Mist) oil from Pura Vida

- COVE CBD Tinctures

- Redecan Reign Drops in a THC, 1:1, and/or CBD formulations

- Renew CBN oil and the Unplug (Sour Kush) oil from Solei

- 15:15 Oil from Purefarma - CBD 25 and CBD 50 from Medipharms

- SYNC 100 CBD from Emerald Health


- Redecan gems in a THC, 5:5, or CBD formulation

- Penelope 1:1 capsules from TWEED

- Zkittlz from Emprise


- Gather (Jack Herer) spray from Solei

- RIFF THC Spray

- Nano 15 CBD spray from Emerald Health

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