BLLRDR "Wedding Cake"

Incredi-BULL! If you're the kind of person that likes to have your dessert before AND after dinner (and sometimes for breakfast), or if you happen to be celebrating a special occasion, or just like to believe every day is a special occasion...whatever, maybe you even forgot to bring a gift to the reception. Bad jokes aside - bag appeal for days: heaps of crystals atop perfectly trimmed light green flowers (that really look like FLOWERS) with sharp contrasting black sugar leaves demonstrating their maturity. Sticky to the touch and "snappy" to the ear. Muted floral nose with subtle but obvious notes of vanilla and mint; carrying through to its big, bloomy curls of smoke - and this is where we taste the layers of this cake - this is when she lifts her veil. In the smoke, she is revealed: notes of lavender, a zesty finish, a lasting creamy mouth-feel and gassy exhale. The smoke - once so smooth and nuanced - now so deep in the lungs, stinging cold like deep you begin involuntarily throat-singing. There are a lot of crosses and variations of this strain, but trust me this one takes the cake...sorry I had to throw one last bad joke in there. 

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