How to Clean and Maintain Your 510 Vape Cartridges & Threads

Have you ever gone to take a nice toke from your favorite vape cartridge only to find it has clogged? Here are some helpful tips from our staff and customers alike. You can find THC & CBD 510 vape cartridges, as well as the batteries at our Cranbrook, Creston, Castlegar, and Rossland locations!

Here are some additional tips:

1. If your battery has an option to change the voltage or temperature, we recommend trying it on low and/or high. We’ve found that depending on the cartridge and the coil the Licensed Producer has used, sometimes it will burn better on these “extreme” temperatures.

2. Try heating up the cartridge slightly. Whether it’s in front of your cozy spot heater, or using your trusty hair dryer, try heating up the tip and glass cartridge a little bit to soften up the clogged product. Sometimes our vape cartridges run upwards of 88% THC, and that’s a lot of pure product that can gum up. Be careful the mouthpiece isn’t too hot prior to giving it a pull.

3. Gently use a small pin/paper clip to unclog the top portion of the mouthpiece. Once in a blue moon the very tip will clog with residue and a gentle poke often does the trick.

4. Always store the vape pen and cartridge upright to prevent leakage and clogging. This is recommended by all products as best practice.

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