Nanoemulsion Technology

One of the more innovative ways you can consume cannabis is through NANOEMULSION formulations.  Some cannabis oils, drinks, nano strips, and even some edibles offer nanoemulsion technology which = faster onset!


Looking for an edible option that has 100MG instead of the maximum 10 mg contained with chocolate, gummies or beverages? The Being Fast Acting Oral THC QuickStrip is a smoke-free cannabis alternative that delivers more cannabinoids per equivalent dose, faster, than other non-combustible formats.   Each QuickStrip delivers cannabinoids rapidly by micronizing cannabis oils and suspending them evenly in a thin film. And when dissolved under the tongue each THC QuickStrip delivers its cannabinoids with greater impact than edibles, oils or capsules containing similar amounts of THC because it bypasses the digestive system


Gummies DO have a fast acting option as well.  The White Rabbit OG gummies, with EAT ME Technology, are a specialized, nano-immersive technology that combines all-natural ingredients to create an effective, and reliable delivery system for cannabinoids.  EAT ME Technology is specifically designed to allow for the stabilization of fat-soluble molecules, such as cannabinoids, using natural emulsifying agents.  This proprietary emulsion blend increases the bioavailability of the THC and CBD molecules, creating consistent results and a near-perfect dosage of cannabis in every piece.  How cool is that?!


Nanoemulsion-based cannabis beverages are fast acting and have high bioavailability, meaning the body will absorb a higher amount of the THC or CBD. This is because nanoemulsions, which have been used for many years in other industries such as pharmaceutics and cosmetics, can be absorbed into the body and brought into the brain more quickly without requiring any external oils or fats.  Faster onset!


With the “Advanced Nano Hyper Nova Oil” from Emprise, the oil contains minute droplets of one liquid suspended in another liquid much like an oil and vinegar salad dressing that has been shaken. 

If you feel the effects sooner you can more easily gauge if you need, or want, to take more. Nanoemulsion may also reduce or mask the taste of cannabis and is easily added to any food or beverage.

Here at Jimmy’s, we carry a variety of nano-emulsion beverages, drops, gummies, and strips.  Why not pop in and ask us about these products!

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