SHRED Tropic Thunder Jar of Joints

SHRED, Organigram’s high-quality, high-potency, pre-milled and pre-shredded dried flower product has been the most searched cannabis brand on the Ontario Cannabis Store ( website for three consecutive months (November and December 2020 and January 2021)!

We can safely say that at Jimmy’s Cannabis the reaction has been similar.  SHRED’s Tropic Thunder, a combination of strains with citrus and tropical aromas featuring THC of 18% or more, is killing it!  Value, quality, quantity. The SHRED Tropic Thunder Jar of Joints has all three.

Available in a Jar of Joints, a convenient jar of 14 x 0.5g pre-rolls, they are packed with a two-way humidity system to preserve their unique flavour profile and to help ensure a fresh and flavourful packed product. Each pre-roll also has a flush filter, optimizing airflow for a consistently smooth joint draw.

“Organigram’s investment in automation is further reflected in its latest pre-roll machine which supports the production of a large volume of precision-packed pre-rolls. Currently, the equipment is producing approximately 25-30 pre-rolls per minute with the potential for ongoing improvement. This machine reduces our reliance on manual labour for pre-roll production, contributing to operating efficiencies and will better support the production of multi-pack pre-rolls which attract higher gross margins than singles and have started to comprise a greater proportion of the Company’s product portfolio aligned with consumer demand”


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