What to do if you get too high?

It happens to the best of us. Despite being told to start low and go slow, sometimes we misjudge and get a tad too high. Here are some tried and true strategies, tips and tricks to help you next time you over-indulge.

If you’re uncomfortably high but still functional make sure to stay well hydrated with glasses of cold water. If you’re lucky enough to have lemons (or lemonade), the dominant terpene limonene is proposed to help mellow a THC high.

Grab some snacks too while you’re at it, especially if you inhaled too much. Chewing on (or even sniffing) peppercorns has also been circulating as folk wisdom thanks to Dr. Ethan Russo’s research that the terpenes in black pepper mellow the THC due to caryophyllene’s relaxing, anti-anxiety and more sedative effects.

 Hot showers have been time-honoured classics to help with paranoia, racing heart, and feeling anxious. Sit down and take some deep breaths; if your mind is really racing in unhelpful ways you can try counting equal numbers in your inhale and exhale to give your mind something rhythmic to focus on. The hot water and familiar surroundings of the shower will help your body feel more safe and grounded.

 Remember you are going to be totally fine. No one has ever died from a fatal cannabis overdose and you will not be the first. Your thoughts will eventually leave your mind to make room for other calmer thoughts and your body is already automatically metabolizing the THC to return you to baseline. 

If you’re too high for the water, snacks, showers and distraction via the Netflix vortex, find the comfiest coziest spot to curl up in and take a nap. While it’s no fun feeling uncomfortably intoxicated, there’s nothing else to do but take good care. If you’re fortunate enough to have a CBD oil, edible or flower take some of that and then let your body do its thing - and remember to start low and go slow next time.

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